🌿 epazote

What is epazote?

An automated HTTP (microservices) supervisor.


Why ?

Because of the need to monitor with simplicity for example:

  • A simple check (Status 200 OK) every 30 seconds.
  • Receive an email/http alert if the SSL certifciate is about to expire.
  • Check if the application is serving the proper headers.
  • Restart DB/App/etc based on headers or staus codes.

Once your site/application is up and running, it can become idle and unresponsive, your supervisor will not notice this, since in most of the cases is just responsible for keeping your application process up and running no matter how it is behaving, therefore exists the need to monitor the status of the application and based on the responses take actions, here is where Epazote comes into action.

When doing Continuous Deployment “CD” if the ping, healthcheck, status, etc; endpoints change, it implies making changes in order to properly monitor the application, this creates a dependency or extra task apart from the “CD” process, therefore exists the need to detect any changes and automatically apply them upon request, this can be done easily with Epazote.